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VocaFX | Presentation & Demo

The VocaFX controller is currently still in development. Enquiries and further information can be found below.

Key Features

  • 3 x  control sensors with both ‘touch’ and press’ functionality.
  • Joystick Control
  • Plug&Play USB MIDI controller
  • 21+ MIDI control mappings available.
  • Operates on both Windows & Mac
  • Preset mappings available for DAW Logic X, Ableton 9, Fl Studio 12
  • Preset mapping for live plug in hosts LiveProfessor & MultiRack (Waves)



The VocaFX Controller is microphone attachable MIDI device that allows the user to control a variety of audio plug-ins and vocal effects during a live rap performance. This page gives an insight to the key features, uses and creation and development process process of the microphone controller “VocaFX Controller”. The design and development of the device is based on the research findings of the influence of technology on rap music.

The initial purpose of this device is to create a piece of technology that remodels the vocal aspect of live rap performance. The VocaFX was developed as an approach to influence mcee’s and rappers to be become interactive with the ever evolving phenomenon of music technology. Just as DJ’s have seen an evolution of their performance equipment the VocaFX aims to revolutionise the use of the microphone for future performers.

 The VocaFX  opens itself up as being a gateway to push the boundaries for any vocal performer. With the VocaFX controller proving itself as being innovative instrument the ease at which the VocaFX controller can be used makes it truly unique.With the use of a simple USB, you can produce live remix’s, all while controlling the audio plugins you already know and love.

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With the VocaFX  being designed to be used in bilateral conditions, singers, rappers or mcees can switch the controller across either their left and right hands and still feel fully in control.

 The VocaFX controller allows a performer to transform and reach new horizons of live vocal performance.


The Study of Technology in Live Rap Performance [Download Paper]

This paper includes the research and justification of the design of the VocaFX device, with regards to the following fields;  the history of rap music and the influence of commercial success, studio mixing techniques of rap music, live rap performance and existing technologies that offer similar functionalities.

This document also includes the concept start up guide and user manual for the VocaFX controller.

Product Developement

Sheriff Adegoke reserves the intellectual property rights to the VocaFX controller. The project was developed with the support of the CSIS Department. (University of Limerick) Patent registered, 2016. For any further information regarding the controller and queries about further development, please feel free to get in contact via email or the contact form below.

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