The aim of this module was to get me accustomed to use of analogue and digital video equipment. I have already been able to use the technology for capturing, storing, editing, distributing and reproducing digital video. Below you can find a midterm project titled ‘Hide & CSIS’ which was recorded using a Sony DV Handy Cam and edited using Final Cut Pro. Voice overs and sound effects were added post production using Pro Tools. With this project we as a group made the script, story boards, set up scene locations and then editing was split up evenly among the group.

Watch the comical Hide & CSIS below.

Another project I’ve worked on is called ‘Leon’s Gonna Love This’. The basis of this project was to create a short film using a HDV camera, lights and for it to be around 4 minutes in duration. We set up using 4 different types of lights along with reflective umbrellas. The story of the video is we found out one of our lecturers loved the song ‘Phil Collins – In The Air’. S we based the film on how we  would make a film for the module, with a series of ideas being rejected repeatedly because of being such a diverse group. After an idea was chosen we then had had to work around issues that began arise as we worked on the film last minute.

Watch the film below.

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