#BDPerformance: Lil Breezy Performs at Nigerian Carnival Ireland 2013


The 4th annual Nigerian Carnival Ireland took place again this year. There was a series of events taking place over the week long festival. It all kicked off on Monday the 12th of August with the Food Festival and ended on Sunday 18th with the comedy show which featured the popular Nigerian comedian Julius Agwu. The Grand Carnival however took place on Saturday the 17th. in Phoenix Park.

Breezy's self designed outfit.ยฉ

Outfit designed by Breezy

There was a line up of various acts including Lil Breezy, Tejay Trey, Beezy, HU VA, Young Bross, Sematecino, M.A.I. With the funny MC Angel Michael keeping the show moving. Breezy performed his lead single of the year ‘Shall I Render’ and it proved to be a crowd favorite as fans took to twitter and Facebook to show there love.

Breezy then came out to tear the stage down a second time alongside Tejay Trey, HU VA & Beezy as they performed the Aboki [Dublin Remix] which also was a popular hit amongst the spectators of over 400 people.


This show was humbling and personally satisfying. Its good to know that people outside a group that you would label as ‘friends’ find your music entertaining. It sinks in then that its not only people you know who actually take interest in your music and that you actually have began to develop a fan base.” ย – Lil Breezy

Breezy’s twitter follower count has been on the rise since the exposure and he has promised to release new music son to follow. He has revealed the track title is ‘Friendzoned’.

Breezy with DJ West (Ireland) & Tejay Trey (Center)

DJ West (Left) & Tejay Trey (Center) with Breezy

I would like to thank the whole NCI committee for the opportunity, Mr Mani J. Olaniran for the invite to perform and the Vicki Roberts Hospitality Group for making the experience all the more enjoyable.

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