#BDMusic: Breezy iDeyGoke – Wicked Games


Here is the second single from the ‘REALationships EP’ titled ‘Wicked Games. It is the follow on from the popular track ‘Friend Zone’ and leads the story into a new chapter. This song is about a man interacting with some one they have no intention of falling in love with.  The disregard for emotion comes from past experiences and he uses this as an excuse to continue playing his ‘Wicked Games’.

Breezy uses his story telling ability along with his lyrical talent to paint a vivid image of a night life rendezvous with a female companion. Word play is thrown in to enhance the listening experience but still maintain that real effect and making it completely relatable.

“What you said touched me,

I know how fake feel,

Cos People drop stories,

And it’s lies they spill” – Lil Breezy

The track has had good feedback on facebook since its release and looks to be a good set up just before the release of the EP.

Take a listen to ‘Wicked Games’ in the link below.

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