#BDMusic: Lil Breezy – The Heat Ft. Tejay Tray

Lil Breezy emerged the victor of ‘The Heat’ competition run by MIME records. The competition offered a 2 minute instrumental to rappers across the country for them to put there best bars on.  The prize included

  • An exclusive instrumental.
  • ‘The Heat’ professionally mixed and mastered.
  • A collaboration with MIME’s flagship artist Tejay Tray

It was initially a track with only Breezy however Tray felt it was that hot (pun intended) that he needed to jump on it.

The Heat Cover

“The track is basically exactly what the title says its heat. I just wanted to warm everyone up the for what I have coming next.” – Lil Breezy

Breezy produced what he labels a ‘vent‘ track. The song begins with Breezy catching your attention with some graphical wordplay. It then moves gradually into a personal track with him explaining why he raps, his love for his mother and his disappointment at not being noticed for the opening slot for Lil Wayne in the O2, Dublin. The Weezy line caused a bit of a twitter ruckus with people feeling like the line was aimed at the 3 selected artists. However Breezy set things straight with a tweet.

2013 seems to be the year where Breezy has come out with a bit more regularity to him releasing music. His next single to be dropped is his much talked about ‘Friend-Zone’. It is the second piece of work from his still untitled EP. Until more information is released about the EP,you can feel the breeze spitting heat!

Download ‘The Heat‘ on Breezy’s SoundCloud:

Watch the YouTube clip below.

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