#BDMusic: Breezy iDeyGoke – Friend Zone

The first track from the newly announced ‘Realationship EP’. This track is titled Friend Zone and was written and produced by Lil Breezy. It features vocals from Young Moey. The track is a story about one experiencing the feelings of watching who they love in a relationship with someone else that is clearly not treating them right. After declaring their feelings they have theirΒ heart broken and a friendship put in an awkward position. The song is highly relatable but also has the typical lyrical wordplay and flow that Breezy brings.


Since it’s release it has been buzzing online. The song has yet to receive one negative review according to YouTube statistics. This is expected as Breezy has said that he has been perfecting the song since late July. From July he was frequently altering lines, changing structure to even callied in a vocalist to close the song for a catchy hook. It initially had two choruses but was changed as Breezy felt it would disrupt the message that was being put across. He left the closing hook at the end because he knew it was catchy and would have people playing it through to hear that catchy hook. With this the actual song could be learned easier.

People really related to this song and found it amazing how it could all be fitted into one song. That is what the theme of the Realationship EP is. The title is not a typo but a play on words of ‘real’ and ‘relationships’. It is a 4 track compilation, basically four different stories about four different kind of relationships you can have with someone.

Watch the Lyric Video:Β 

Download the track via SoundCloud:Β 

Real music is always going to be relatable.” Β – Lil Breezy

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