#BDFreestyle: ShowOffTV Interview/Freestyle


Lil Breezy drops a freestyle and interview video days before the release of his long awaited REALationship EP. Presented by ShowOffTV, Breezy talks through the creative processes of the project, how he got into music and what future projects he has in store.

Take a look at the interview/freestyle shot at Riverview  Studios and get an insight into what is to ‘soon come’ from Mr. BDBreeze

The freestyle proves to be a message filled on with Breezy dropping lines such as…

“Don’t call me blood, cos I ain’t moving in vain, Don’t call me bruv, if our goals don’t relate

“I don’t do beef man, I keep it halal, I’m a quiet brother, but I’m talk of the town”


Breezy ShowOffTV Freestyle

This post has been dedicated the memories of:


Mr. John Ojo


Mr. Toyosi Shittabey


Mr. Ricky Osagie

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