#BDBreezeStyle Fridays: BreezeStyle Friday Episodes

Welcome to the BreezeStyle Fridays! BreezeStyle Fridays are a series of videos released on any random Fridays. They are anything from acapella freestyles to unused written verses, jam session recordings or even behind the scene studio sessions. You can see the breakdown of the BreezeStyles down below.

“I’m just trying to be as open with the music and get on as many different vibes as possible.” 

The BreezeStyle Fridays Playlist.

BreezeStyle Breakdown: 

Breezestyle 001

The first BreezeStyle session is a recording of a jam session done in Amsterdam along with AdzoHeatzo, Martino (LookSkyWalker) & Freddie ‘Fire Flutes’ Kentish.

BreezeStyle 002:

Back in Ireland after ghosting in Amsterdam. So I got picked up for a backseat freestyle quick quick. You know them throwback Lil’ Wayne beats there.

BreezeStyle 003:

A day in the park, quick ride and that. Jumping over and back from the BB to freestyle while spinning in the park. Quick freestyle over a random YouTube beat. Spitting bars till I ran out of breath for real.  

BreezeStyle 004 :

I heard about D’Banj leaving space on beat so I though ohhhh my days I might aswell jump on it. As I been deep in the cut working on AfroBreeze, I though a quick flex of the cross Yoruba bars. 

BreezeStyle 005 :

You know them loops that you have in FL Studio lined up, and you’re not  to sure about what you’re gonna do with them. Yeah, that’s this one. really tried to flex wordplay on different level. 

BreezeStyle 006:

Man like ShowOffTV came through on a studio session to take over with a special feature of the BreezeStyle Friday. Big up to them on the visuals highlighting that wordplay. for those of you know it’s all Dublin  references. Jumped on another one of my dirty FL Loops. 

BreezeStyle 007 :

The beat was produced by the Dublin producer Chease. After hearing the beat on a District Magazine featured mixtape, I was feeling the vibe so I jumped on it. “Swag’s wavier than the logo on your wifi.”

BreezeStyle 008: 

Beans, green, potatoes, tomatoes, and McDonald kind flows. Jumping on the bandwagon with this #UNameIt challenge thing. I had the munchies, a microphone and heard a beat about food so I was like, cool ting den. The soundcloud version is longer than the dark video cos there’s a beat flip on the end of it. Enjoy that. 

BreezeStyle 009: 

BreezeStyle is a remixed version of Ovié’s – Man of the Year. With a minor beat change, a destiny’s child sample and a verse touching on police brutality and my last year making music it comes out as bars, and vibes. 



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