i Dey

How Far?

Snakey Lover | M.I.A. | Ransom | Bag A Man

‘I Dey’ – Means ‘I am‘ in pidgin English and is a way of interpreting who I am, iDeyGoke”

The four-track EP centered around the theme of love is narrated from 4 different perspectives.

Tales of an Afro-Irish passion hoarder looking for love.

Presented with cool-headed lyricism mainly in English but also bringing in Yoruba. i Dey is the hybrid of AfroBreeze and the REALationships EP. iDeyGoke doesn’t shy away from a fusion of musical influences including rap and R&B keeping a sonic feel of Afrobeats.

“This project is a 15 minute flash to understand how far? I BDBreeze, i Dey.”

  1. Snakey Lover Ft. Tolü Makay (Prod. DJ CC)
  2. M.I.A (Prod. KK Casj Ting)
  3. Ransom Ft. Sean X (Prod. 1709/ BDBeats)
  4. Bag A Man (Prod. Semi-D & Ben Bix)


iDeyGoke kicks off the project with ‘Snakey Lover’ a tale about being on the receiving end of scorned love leading one to re-focusing on one’s happiness and what is important in life. The emotional instrumental is produced by DJ CC and features Irish singer-songwriter Tolü Makay.


The saga continues with ‘MIA’ (Money in the APP) a depiction of a love/hate relationship with technology.


Followed by ‘Ransom’ a tale about being lured in by a lover who takes over your whole life.
From feeling like you are on top of your own world into falling right back into having your love taken hostage as someone takes your heart for ransom.


The project ends with ‘Bag A Man’ the moment where love comes full circle and it ends on a high note. Although previously hesitant you still know what it is you want. Looking to fall in love with someone who won’t bring you drama and turn your world upside down.
Somehow that love is infectious that you get caught up in it and someone does Bag A Man.