Black Dúbh

Black & Irish

Dúbh means ‘Black’ in Irish and is pronounced like the bird ‘Dove’. If all you see is black, hear the beauty in the black

These are the times, that we define the consequences of racial injustice.

Focused mainly on Ireland I make reference to the contribution of black people in the health system, the issues with direct provision.

Systematic racism being implemented with the use of technology. Not understanding how algorithms are manipulated, to choosing to be ignorant to what comes up on your phones news feed or watching Netflix.

Remind yourself of where we are from, the power we possess and understand why it should be used in the fight for equality.


Mahalia Jackson

I want you to stand up tall and proud

I want you to speak up clear and loud

Brown baby

Breezy iDeyGoke

Don’t be alarmed by my people

Salaam salaam with this peace I’m peaceful

Yoruba man got the hammer in agbada

Judging by the look fashion killer on a mazza

Tried to show color they just the want the Yamma Yamma

Beg you don’t vex when we don’t move with no manners

They call me black this they call me black that

Put me for blacklist they say they fear blackout

They don’t mind that the algorithm ain’t for us

Till they’re getting real life warnings

Exposure is not payment

Till emails get leaked and it lead to black mailing

You don’t want me dark in your life as a black man

Buchalli dubh but got color on the kaftan

You don’t think Black Lives Matter

Till your laying In Mater

Black nurse black doctor

With the islands history burying children

There’s people in hiding direction provision

Who’s gone speak up speak out different

Seen a lot posting not much listening

Turn the phone off what life are you living

I’ve been on road ain’t got nowt from drilling

Money ain’t power till you uplift vision

So my Netflix now are a money heist mission

Go storm the castle take back privilege

But see the traps for new path new visions

I don’t give a damn how no Karen been feeling

Man might just go up the hill Jack a Jillin

No honesty in business no loyalty among thieves

Prayed for clean record, no dirt to touch name

Born as a lion king got thrown into a bugs a life

Mr. Richie Rich think he slick with the contracts

Fa Korede, success coming in

I come from where you fight lions and show face

Tell me who won it’s the belly of the beast that we come from

You ain’t seen no life like this never that

Opps all looks the same can’t differentiate

Know the real but baby still work the play

When I arrive in the place they will rival the face

Tell them say iDeyGoke

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