Breezy iDeyGoké presents AfroBreeze.

Afro Fire

Shall I Render

Papa Don’t Want  That Ft. Josué Patrice

Vivid Interlude

Feelings For You

Shay Mi Ft. Beezy

Take Time

Afro Calling

Dab On Em Ft. KK Casj Ting & Big B


 Afro-Irish culture of the Nu Éire.

AfroBreeze is something I’ve taken my time to feel and become for the last 3 years. I feel like I’ve made some music that is true to the culture engrained in me and the one I have grown into. Sometimes you go through life not really knowing who you are and for the longest time I didn’t understand the purpose of the music I was trying to make. I started this project to just make some “African sounding music because I can identify as being African.”

“Know the home from which you came.”

For the longest time that was a string of words that I took in the literal. But while I was working on AfroBreeze I came to really get what my parents meant for the most part. I’ve come to understand that where you are physically isn’t the only time to take note of your surroundings because the mental and spiritual are just as important. AfroBreeze Black

With AfroBreeze I’ve been able to realise that culture isn’t based on where you are from but more, what you are from and what you stand for. I tried to find a sound that might spell my heritage out a bit better and ended up finding the core realities of myself. I can say that the cliché of releasing yourself through music was in full effect making this project.

I’m a first generation Nigerian, who’s known Ireland as home for most of his life. I feel like I’m part of a culture that’s as unfamiliar to people looking in, as it is to those looking out. So many other creatives have done major things to highlight this new identity, AfroBreeze just happens to be my input. I’d like to think that this music is for a culture I don’t think has been realized yet.

I tried to make sure this project resonates with anyone from a Yoruba background but I hope it reaches even further than that. My inspiration for this project came from the Yoruba culture that I was raised with but in making it I realised it wasn’t the only culture I was raised with. So to stay true to myself and the identity I have forged the elements of my Lil Breezy days remain intact.  Hence the title AfroBreeze.

I want to thank everyone and I really mean everyone haters and supporters, because you have definitely inspired me in someway shape or form. With every artist growth needs to occur and I do think that happened so this year that as I turn 24 I release a project that I call the sounds of my core.

AfroBreeze | 7.7.17 


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