I’d like to welcome all my loyal fans and supporters to the year of 2015. I can confirm that I have been busy at work with some new music. Not only writing but heavily producing to find a template for a new sound that can be labelled as #BDBreeze.

I’ve never wanted to be an artist confined to one genre. I’ve tried to make that apparent from the releases I’ve had from the Afrobeat ‘Shall I Render Ft. C’Wan’ to American rap of ‘The Heat Ft. Tejay Tray’ to the mellow rap brooding into R&B that is ‘REALationships’.

As I’ve come into a new year feeling more developed than I did in the last I have made the decision to have a name change. From Lil Breezy to Breezy iDeyGoke. Ideally everything I do from now on is not to be seen as little because my aspirations stretch far beyond that.

iDeyGoke loosely translates to ‘I will rise” in Yoruba and also plays on my surname that I hold so closely. With that Yoruba culture deeply rooted in me I want to share with you some of that vibe and you can take a listen below.

Here’s sample of what is to come in 2015, as I embrace the Afro-Irish culture that has shaped me.

Welcome to Twenty-Fif-Breeze

Welcome to Twenty-Fif-Breeze

Yours Truly,


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