Breezy iDeyGoké

Breezy iDeyGoké is an Afro-Irish artist  based in Liverpool, UK. Breezy fuses musical influences of rap, R&B and afrobeat all while presenting his message with cool headed lyricism. Renowned for his enigmatic performances alongside the female DJ CC, Breezy has cultivated a unique brand for colorful, bold, rhythmic sounds, such as the the singles ‘Yamma Yamma’, ‘Dab On Em’ and ‘Show Colour’.

Breezy followed this momentum by collaborating with Sim Simma Soundsystem to headline Knockanstock festival, closing out the main stage and host a stage at All Together Now Festival 2018. Since then they have released the Pass The Aux Cord EP which features the single ‘Yamma Yamma’, which has gotten BBC Radio 1 play with Annie Mac’s Future Sounds.  Sim Simma have released a music video for Breezy iDeyGoke’s Yamma Yamma. Directed in Dublin by Rosie Barrett, it captures the energetic and vibrant backdrop Dublin provides for this exciting artist, in contrast with the track’s theme of backhanded immigration tactics that Nigeria-born Breezy has faced, making living in Ireland today challenging for those not born in Ireland but who identify as Irish.

In 2018 while studying in Liverpool Breezy was also chosen as one of Liverpool’s “innovative sounds of the city” by Bido Lito and Merseyrail Soundstation. Breezy fuses musical influences of rap, R&B and afrobeat all while presenting his message with cool headed lyricism. With his project AfroBreeze (2017), He fuses a variety of musical influences including rap and R&B while maintaining a central theme of Afrobeat influence. Breezy iDeyGoké describes this as “the soundtrack to the Afro-European culture wave.”

Moving the tour between London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Limerick and Liverpool, Breezy iDeyGoke released all of his music independently through his imprint BDBreeeze Media. The wave was taken on tour along with DJ CC who also collaborated on the Blank Series and released a 10 episode BreezeStyle Friday series of freestyle videos. Breezy iDeyGoke is a rapper and producer who first emerged under the alias Lil Breezy in 2012 with the REALationships EP. Breezy iDeyGoke has developed and built on his unique sound and character from his earliest music of the raw and emotion filled REALationships EP.

Born in Nigeria and raised with a Yoruba background Breezy had a childhood split between Dublin and the country fields of Louth, Ireland. iDeyGoke’s rap often features tales of life journeys through witty punchlines. Touching everything and anything with his bars, from rap to old school hip-hop, house, R&B and AfroPop, with London twang, Irish slang, and Yoruba vibes.